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Every worker of our company is monitored by a set of strict quality control guidelines. Repeated testing will be carried out in order to ensure every Good product is carefully inspected and performs at its highest accuracy.
--Top quality probes for professional use
--Excellent conductivity for conduction testing and other applications
--Enhanced durability, can reusable after collected
--Competitive value for money
--Prompt delivery

Why choose Good contact probes?

Malfunctioning of the probes leads to repeated processes in conduction testing and it will cost you hundreds of thousand dollars each year, and thus increases the operation cost. To solve this problem, you should know how to choose high quality probes. Probes with excellent performance capabilities can improve the productivity. Since some reliable probes can help you to cut down those evitable retesting costs. Because of assured quality and competitive price, you would feel worth to buy Good Products.

Production process

1. 选择物料
1. Selection of raw material
We choose the top quality of high carbon steel music wire made in Germany as the raw material. According to International Quality Assurane Standard DIN 17223, the wire has to be passed through a series of quality control inspections and test.

2. 机械调校直线度
2. Mechanical straightening
Our quality control laboratory is equipped with precision mechanical instrument which can accurately tuned the degree of straightening of the steel wire. After a steel wire is bended to 90 degress and then released, its displacement can be tuned less than the range of 0.01 to 0.015mm.

3. 量度和切割
3. Measuring and cutting
Each wire will be measured and cut by precision machine so as to eliminate human errors in cutting.

4. 砂轮研磨
4. Polishing
To get rid of the sharp angle and the grinding tracks on the probe, the tip will be polished by roll-typed grinding wheels to become sharp, round, flat or ball pointed.

5. 无电沉镍电镀
5. Electroless Nickel Plating
Probes with tolerance over 0.001mm from head to end diameter will be rejected. The hardness of the probe should within the range of 45-55 degrees according to Rockwell C scale. With electroless nickel plating method, the chemical elements of nickel will uniformly distributed over the surface of the probe and thus enhance the conductivity and elasticity of the probe.

6. 品质检定
6. Quality Control Inspection
Each probe will pass through extensive quality control tests to ensure the qualified standards are maintained. Length tolerance:+/-0.05mm; Diameter tolerance:+/-0.02mm.

General Summary

测试针的形状Shape of probe

针头的形状Shape of tip

针尾的角度Tail Pin Angle
90度/90 degree 60度/60 degree

原材料 Raw Material:
琴钢线 Music Wire

电镀 Plating:
无电沉镍电镀 Electroless Nicker Plating

针径 Pin Diameter:
由0.2毫米至1.3毫米 Various between 0.2mm and 1.3mm

Music Wire Pins Series TP


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